See the benefits of hiring your own Personal Style Coach.

Q.  Why should I hire an Image Consultant / Style Coach?

A. There are many reasons to hire me as your Image Consultant. The number one reason is to get expert, honest and unbiased advice and knowledge about your image, so you love how you look and feel! This includes updating your look, changes in your lifestyle or circumstances, and to learn how to shop for clothing and achieve the look you want.

Q.  Is it expensive?

A. No, after learning tried and true guidelines customized for you, you will actually save money and time! You will save money when you no longer buy clothes that you don’t wear, but just hang in the closet, often with the price tag still attached. You will also save money by learning how to mix and match pieces, for different looks and occasions. You will save time shopping by quickly eliminating clothing items that do not work for you, so you can focus on the ones that will work for your image. Also, because of your new found knowledge of what to buy and why, you will have fewer trips to the store for returns.

Q.  Will I have to spend a lot of money on new clothes?

A. No. You can look good on any budget. After determining your style personality and “your fashion colors,” we will do a wardrobe inventory to clarify what you already have, teach you how to mix and match for a variety of pulled together looks,  and then you can add pieces as your budget allows, ….. or we can shop until you drop and everything in between!!

Q. Is it difficult?

A. No, I make it easy and fun! It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, which is a common reaction to change, but just like exercise, the results are definitely worth it!